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150wh portable power station P201
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Model P201
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Battery TypeHigh Quality Lithium ion Batteries
Capacity155Wh,14Ah/11.1V(or 42000mAh,3.7V)
Input Rechargingadapter:DC In 15V/2A          Wide voltage input charging:   5-20V                        Charging time:   4-5 Hours
Solar charging:        DC 13.5V-24V/3A Max   optional
USB Output2x USB 5V-2.1A
1 x USB 5-9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge3.0
1 x USB C   5-9V/2A Qualcomm QuickCharge3.0
AC OutputPure sine wave output:
AC output: 100/110/120/220/230 / 240VAC ± 10%
Output frequency: 50 / 60Hz ± 10%
AC Output PowerRated power: 150W, peak power:200W
DC Output1x DC port 9-12.5V /10A /15A Max
Battery IndicatorLED digital display
Operating Temperature-10℃-40℃
Cycle Life>500 Times
Accessories1 x Portable Power Supply, 1 x power adapter,
1 x User Manual, 1x car charger, 1x cigarette lighter

Certificates.jpgSelling points:                                                     

Excellent design, builtin AC 150W output, DC12V output, USB C fast charge protocol output, Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 output, lighting function. Built in lithiumion battery with capacity up to 40000mah, powerful but light.. Outdoor activities, best companion and equipment for night market.           

Main features:                                                           

1. Built in high power density lithium ion battery;                       

2. The maximum battery power of 10Ah / 14.8V (equivalent to 40000mah, 3.7V) 148wh;                                                             

3. Support the sinewave output of AC correction;                           

4. Maximum 200W AC continuous output, peak output 300W;                     

5. DC output, up to 12to16v / 8A continuous output.                           

6. Support 5V / 2a and USB quickcharge3.0 output, suitable for smartphones, tablets, etc.                                               

7. TypeC port supports 36W fast charging output of PD and PPS protocols.           

8. Built in LED light panel lighting                                       

9. Protection includes: short circuit, overload, high temperature resistance, etc,                                                         

Application scope:                                                             

1. Cut off the backup power supply;                                       

2. Backup the power supply of intelligent equipment;                         

3. When camping, outdoor photography, fishing, hiking, etc,                               

4. For tool charging;                                                     

5. Laptop, small LED TV, mini refrigerator                                             

6. Mobile stall, night market.                                                     

No smoke, no noise! No matter where you need power!

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