Anti Drone

Drone Detection System
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Aeroscope Mini Phone Shape drone detector

Function Drone Detection Appliance Low altitude security defense
Software Remote ID HS Code 9030209000

Detect Bands                                     2.4GHz,5.8GHz

Detect Distance                                500m to 3km   (varies according to surroundings and drone model)

Detect Time                                      <1S

Detect Success Rate                         ≥99%

Locatiing Distance                           500m to 3km(varies according to surroundings and drone model)

Locating Accuracy                            ≤3m

Locating Update Time                     Less than 1S

Simultaneous Detect Amount        ≥10 drones

Trajectory tracking                         ≥5 drones

Screen                                            6.0inch capacitive touch screen

Power Supply                                 Internal Lithium Battery

Working time                                 3 to 4hours

Mainhost Size                                170mm×85mm×55mm(L*W*T) antenna not included

Net Weight                                    ≤500g


Passive detectionPassively receiving signals and no any output of RF signals, no affection to environment.

Single device locatingCan accurately locate drones by single unit.

Precise IdentificationAccurate detection and identification of drone body serial number, model, position, speed, altitude, trajectory, and remote control position information.

White & Black ListOne press to add white/black list. Drone in white list won’t be alarmed when detect.

Locating DronesDJI new models.

Pilot locatingAccurately measure the position of the flying pilot (remote control) and indicate its orientation.

Trajectory tracking: Multi target trajectory tracking, with the ability to display its flight trajectory in different colors.