Anti Drone

Drone Detection System
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Function Drone Detection Appliance Low altitude security defense
Software Remote ID HS Code 8543209090

Portable and autonomous Drone monitoring equipment can locate drone and pilot positions

H1C portable drone detector is a briefcase style drone detection device for drone monitoring.
It is used for monitoring drone information such as SN code, model, location (longitude/latitude, azimuth, distance), speed, height, altitude, etc.

ItemsH1C Portable drone detector
Width: (415±2)mm
Display Screen10.1 inch
Working time4 hours (battery rechangable, 2 sets)
IP LevelIP65
Working Range1 to 10km
Drones can be locatedDJI Mavic, Air, Mini, FPV, Avata series
Drones can be detectedDetecting drones 8 brands, such as DJI, Daotong, Feimi, Dahua, Zhendi, Haoxiang, Youdi, as well as other self-made traversing and WiFi models on the market.
Bands supported for detection900M, 1.2G, 1.4G, 2.4G, 5.2G, 5.8G
Simultaneous detection amount20
False alarm and multiple alarms
ID merge issue
One drone corresponds to multiple messages
Multiple messages may appear on the interface