Anti Drone

Drone Detection System
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DDS 6 to 12 bands Anti Bomb Device

Model DDS65 Function Anti Bomb
Appliance Outdoors, Emergency HS Code 9030209000

1. Appliance:

This equipment can be widely used in various application sites such as important leaders/VIP VIP security and protection, individual combat, special police team, explosive disposal team, anti-terrorism unit, drug control unit, explosion-proof team, Security checkpoint, administrative law enforcement, hostage negotiation, border control and military security forces. It can be used both portable and in vehicles. When used in the car, a dedicated antenna can be configured according to customer requirements.

2. Technical Parameter

A. Up to 6 channels output

B.    RF transmission power is not exceeding 500W in total, single channel 50-100W as require.

C. Related RF bands are customized.

3.Function Features

A. The main box adopts the Pelican military standard chassis, with excellent manufacturing technology and a portable pull rod box design, which is easy to move and use. It can be installed in the car or replaced on site with the car.

B. Up to 6 segments of high-power broadband coverage, meetS the frequency of communication usage on the market.

C. The internal structure is modular design. Each module can be plugged in and out at will, combined and adjusted at will. Each module is independent of each other. Even if a module fails, it can be replaced directly by plugging in and out without affecting the normal operation of other modules.

D. The module is equipped with a LCD display screen, which displays the frequency, power, and switch status of the module. Each module can be individually turned on and off or switched on using the entire software, and has power, operation, and standing wave alarm display lights.

E. The entire machine is equipped with a battery level display screen(optional, available only when there is internal battery), a main control board, and a large LCD display screen, which can display the frequency, power, switch status, standing wave, voltage, current, and temperature of each module. It has alarm functions such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overload, abnormal temperature, and abnormal transmission channel power. And it has antenna standing wave protection function.

F. The entire machine is equipped with a network control system. After connecting the device and computer with a network cable, the frequency, power, switches, etc. are set through the software of the entire machine, and all system parameters are queried.

G. Equipped with a remote control box for the entire machine, it can control the power switches of all modules with one click, or individually control the power switches of a certain module.

H. The built-in intelligent temperature cooling system ensures that the host can be turned on for a long time.

I. Power supply:   AC 220V/50Hz (additional internal battery power supply optional)

4.Main Components

JH650 Structure.png

                      Mainhost                         Antennas            Power Cable                              Controller   

5. Specification

RF Data (Customizable)


Signal Type

RF Power (Customizable)













Mianhost Size

561*460*270(Antenna not included)

Antenna Size

Length 760mm, Diameter 35mm

Antenna Type

High gain omnidirectional antenna (Directional antenna optional)

Power Supply

AC110V~240V DC28V






MTBF no less than 1000 hours

System Reflecting Time

No more than 30Seconds (from power on to system normal work)

Suitcase Design

The standard case of American Pelican military instruments, designed with shockproof and compressive structure, comes with a built-in pull rod, making it easy to move and carry

6. Software Control

DDS, supports bands modification, Output power modification, and ON/OFF control.

7   Notice

A. Instructions for stretching the tension rod of the equipment host

1: Place the device host vertically and locate the lever handle

2: Pull the lever buckle outward while pulling upward.

B. Unpacking inspection

1) Check the main equipment and accessories listed above. If any parts are missing, please contact the equipment supplier to ensure the normal operation of this product.

2) Confirm the number of antennas and the identification on the antennas: confirm whether they correspond to the host module one by one.

C.   Antenna installation

1) During regular use, directly screw it onto the machine according to the identification one by one to ensure secure fixation.

2)The antenna in the low-frequency band is relatively long, and when used in vehicles, it is usually recommended to install it at the rear of the vehicle.

3) High frequency antennas are usually installed on the roof, and it is recommended to make an antenna rack with a flipping mechanism. When not in use, the antenna can be folded on the roof.

4) The antenna must be firmly fixed, and if the antenna is connected to the host or through a feeder, it must be tightened to the fullest extent.

5) It is usually recommended to use off-road vehicles for modification.

D. Heat dissipation and ventilation

1) This device has an intelligent heat dissipation and ventilation system, and the device itself can be used without auxiliary heat dissipation.

2) When modifying the vehicle, additional cooling and ventilation measures should be taken for the vehicle. It is recommended to increase the intake and exhaust ports to ensure air circulation inside the vehicle.