Anti Drone

Drone Detection System
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8 bands Jamming Bag

Model JH1008 Function Drone Defense
Appliance Low altitude security defense Countermeasure Distance 1Km
HS Code 9030209000


B1008 is a high-power directional knapsack UAV anti control device with built-in lithium battery, which is easy to operate and can realize single frequency control. The device uses narrowband interference technology and RF suppression technology to cut off the connection between the UAV and the remote controller, thus forcing the UAV to return. In addition, after the UAV is controlled, it cuts off the image transmission channel, and will not be able to transmit videos, aerial photos and receive any instructions from the ground remote controller, so as to protect the key areas and prevent privacy from being disclosed.

02.Main Parameters

8 bands and power

433MHz     10W

900MHz     10W

1.2GHz     10W

1.4GHz     10W

1.5GHz     10W

5.2GHz     20W   

2.4GHz     100W

5.8GHz     50W


24V 15A/H

Battery Display

LED Display shows power amount

Countermeasure Ability

Drive Away

Countermeasure Distance


Countermeasure Angle


Working Time(with battery)

1to 2 hours


29.4V charger

NOTES: Customization available.

The device can operate with internal power. And it also supports operating with power supply from vehicle or directly AC power.